Flyers for some upcoming shows that I have work in. Both are one-night-only deals, so make it or break it. Details below:


HIJACKED: Book Launch and Photo Exhibition

ChiefMag.com in collaboration with Big City Press and The Arm, enthusiastically present HIJACKED: VOLUME ONE, AUSTRALIA AND AMERICA book launch photo exhibition. Presenting the public with the most provocative and diverse new photography from Australia and America, HIJACKED breaks down barriers between artists, genres, and hemispheres to further the aim of contemporary photography.

While the work of each of the 44 photographers is wholly individual, the photographs collected in this book and exhibition speak of the time and place in which we live. HIJACKED embraces our prevailing wanderlust; these creative minds exhibit a fascination with international subcultures, fragmented trends, alternate lifestyles and urban landscapes. Explorations of suburban pleasures are placed on par with 'high' artistic experimentation. HIJACKED, a book of photography, is a survey of contemporary photography in both The United States and Australia.

ChiefMag.com is now partnering with Brooklyn's The Arm to host the New York launch of Hijacked: Volume One, and is privileged to be the east coast ambassadors for such a zeitgeist of current photography.

Opening reception: The Arm, 281 N. 7th St., Brooklyn, NY
Friday, June 6th 7pm-11pm
music by DJ Rev McFly and DJ Teenwolf

HIJACKED: VOLUME ONE contains the work of 44 photographers from the USA and Australia

(American – 20 Photographers)

Timothy Archibald | Angela Boatwright | Alana Celii | Nick Chatfield-Taylor | Brian Cross | Todd Fisher | Jonathan Gitelson | Dean Karr | Lisa Kereszi | Jason Lazarus | Suzy Poling | Robin Schwartz | Tod Seelie | Sarah Small | Amy Stein | Jennifer Juniper Stratford | Bill Sullivan | Shen Wei | Grant Willing | Ed Zipco

(Australian – 24 Photographers)

Greta Anderson | Duncan Barnes | Karron Bridges | Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy | Michael Gray | David Griggs | Caitlin Harrison | Nathalie Latham | Mark McPherson | James Mellon | Graham Miller | Martin Mischkulnig | Fiona Morris | Tony Nathan | Jack Pam | Emily Portmann | Brad Rimmer | Janelle Ryan | Flavia Schuster | Juha Tolonen | Joshua Webb | Toni Wilkinson | Gareth Willis



The eleven artists in this exhibit are all photographers. Their work ranges from fashion to advertising, from wedding to editorial, yet all of these artists have collected landscape images that never seem to make it out of the contact sheets and into the greater portfolio of their commercial identities.

These landscapes often give a raw and unedited, often unprocessed, view of the intuitive eye of a photographer. These images were taken here in the city and on location. Some with second bodies and backup lenses, some in the middle of a shoot, some were taken at the end of a job while traveling back home. All giving the artist a momentary escape, to make an image or take a picture where they can not necessarily pinpoint the elements that make these scenes appealing. They simply found these landscapes beautiful and momentarily became lost in them.

Pochron Studios
20 Jay St. 11th floor
DUMBO, Brooklyn NY
Thursday, June 5th
6-9 pm



Here's a nice track from Italians Numero 6, with Bonnie Prince Billy lending his voice to it (in Italian). Can't say exactly why I like it so much, but I definitely do.

• Numero6 (Featuring Bonnie Prince Billy) - Da Piccolissimi Pezzi

A band's place in myspace.