(Jahphet trying to mug me)

Hey. So I am going to be in LA for most of next week/weekend. Anyone out there want to show me around? Or can anyone recommend any places to check out? My last (and only) experience of LA was very brief, disjointed and punctuated by visits to the offices of "Danni's Hard Drive" and the La Brea Tar Pits. Not sure if that's some sort of metaphorical summation of LA or not. Anyway, any tips or recommendations are welcome.

Also, Miss Info of radio station Hot 97 got a taste of some Ninjasonik. It didn't sit well with her, unfortunately, but their fans didn't take it laying down either.


I can't beleive I haven't posted these before, with lyrics like "whoa, my boner, my boner, major boner!" and "123 (something something) this pizza's hectic!" you can't go wrong.

• Modern Bummer - Major Boner

• Modern Bummer - You Can't Tax A Pizza Pie

A band's place in myspace.


  1. go the the Bicycle Kitchen! http://www.bicyclekitchen.com

    706 Heliotrope
    Los Angeles, CA 90029

    good people...

  2. Check out "The Smell" in downtown LA
    247 S. Main St
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Make sure to enter through the alley in back.


  3. Yep. Going there tonight to see the Vivian Girls and tomorrow to see Japanther (it's Brooklyn, but in LA).

  4. Hit up the museum of Jurassic technology and also the machine project if they have anything going on. maybe go to pehrspace. definitely check out midnightridazz.com and go on a bike ride if you have a bike. check out the 6th warehouse instead of the smell if you can.

  5. cafe flore (on sunset) and pure luck (across from the bike kitchen for the dope LA vegan eats... also scoops next to the bike kitchen for yr crazy vegan (or not) ice cream fix!

  6. Just went to both Pure Luck and Scoops today, the Bicycle Kitchen was closed for the holiday weekend though. . .

  7. If you are around today head out ot the valley and check out The Choppercabras 6th Annual Spring Thing.

    Atomic Cycles 17322 Saticoy st. Van Nuys, CA 91406 (818) 609-0113


    Should be a pretty good time.