(Monotonix, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, Double Dagger, and Power Douglas at Death By Audio this past weekend)

The Monotonix show was pretty fun. I was really curious to see what the TV On The Radio/Dragons Of Zynth collaboration, Power Douglas, would be like. Besides not featuring members from either band at all, it was kind of noisy, jangly, but more than anything it seemed to be a cathartic exercise for two of the members. About midway through their set the bass player grabbed a mic and ranted about the miscarriage of justice (or abortion, if you will) that was the recent Sean Bell verdict. After that it got more chaotic, with him falling into the crowd, and eventually smashing his bass and throwing himself into the drums/drummer. The tension in the room was almost palpable, although it didn't seemed to have anything to do with the crowd. It was more just two extremely expressive and unabashed performers exercising demons and not giving a damn what anyone thought.


Double Dagger has been getting some press love just very recently, but these guys have been killing it for a long time. I remember back when they started and most (if not all) of their songs were about graphic design. If you haven't caught them before, and you appreciate something with teeth, don't miss them next time. And if you wear glasses and don't like people messing with them, you might want to put them away during the set. Just sayin'.

• Double Dagger - Luxury Condos For The Poor

• Double Dagger - Form Function

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  1. power douglas doesnt' contain members of tvotr or doz. the bass player you mention, isn't the bass player in the band. though they do sound like a nice blend of both bands, they are only remotely related; and only by guest appearances on their recorded album. nice coverage though, and as always, you capture some serious energy in your live shots.

  2. Okay, well this is what I was told going to the show:

    "Power Douglas -------> new band w/ dudes from TVOTR & Dragons of Zynth"

    And now this is what I've found looking it up:

    "New York art-rap/indie rock hybrid... rhythm section players Jesse Crawford and Timmy Harp pummel along at drilling speed (behind) Power Douglas front man Furor Thin (and (sometimes) guest spot(s) by Tunde Adebimpe, shouting out lyrics in his inimitably guttural style, & Aku from Dragons Of Zynth)... joyous chaos, a cyclone of heart-pumping bass, machine-like percussion and indecipherable hollers... ruddy, experimental blurts and Furor’s signifying raps in confrontational spurts."

    So apparently it does happen, on occasion (like you said), just not at this show. Can we say "misleading advertising?" Guess they got me. And I did wonder how the guy from DOZ got so much bigger. . .