(photos from a little field trip from Mass MoCA during installation)

We're in the final week of installation at Mass MoCA. The crew is really together, even if we have a mountain of things left to accomplish in time for the Friday opening. No matter what happens, it already looks pretty darn cool. Now just wish me luck teaching myself how to turn slide shows into looping DVDs and we are one step closer.


This is one of the bands that shares members with the Miss Rockaway Armada. You can see more of them on the Miss Rockaway blog, and listen to them here.

This is from Todd Chandler, one half of Fall Harbor:
"this song was written in collaboration with my grandfather who passed away in the mid-nineties. at first, i was writing a song about my grandfather's death and my memories of him, but i was really stuck on the last verse. i just couldn't figure out how to end it so i put the song away. soon after that i found an envelope buried under some papers in a drawer. in it was some poetry that my grandfather had written for his own father shortly after his death. the last verse fit perfectly as an end to the song i had been so stuck on. it just made sense-- my grandfather remembering his father and me remembering him."

• Fall Harbor - Memory Dear

A band's place in myspace.


  1. The second photo down is fantastic!

  2. The Hoosick tunnel? Creepy. It's nice to see photos of Mass MoCa and familiar places, especially when you go to school just down Rt 2.

  3. i was going to suggest checking out the hoosac tunnel! fantastic.

  4. i love this song. thanks.