(photos from the Miss Rockaway Armada at Mass MoCA)

I escaped from New Orleans, a little worse for wear, traveled down with Matt & Kim to Slaughterama in Richmond, had a blast, and am now working on an installation for three weeks at Mass MoCA. I am here with members of the Miss Rockaway Armanda creating a space that will be on display for a whole year. You can read more about the project here. I'm looking forward to it. Three weeks stationary in one place with a potentially amazing installation to pour myself into, sounds pretty good to me. I'll try to update a bit as we progress, but I'll probably focus on catching up on all the stuff I have yet to post (Slaughterama, Matt & Kim tour, Skull By Skull Now, SXSW). So I dare say you'll have something to look forward to.


Hung out with some of the guys in Dynamite Arrows while in Richmond for Slaughterama, made me wish they were playing there. This isn't as good, but it's still fuckin' great.

• Dynamite Arrows - Lady, I'm Fucking Dead

A band's place in myspace.


  1. woah, i work right next door to the museum and was just musing about the hoosic/hudson river connection in a post last week. i can't wait to check out your installation.

  2. Awesome photos! I was wondering what kind of camera you used for this set? I did not see any info about your equipment on the site. Great color though!

    take care :)

  3. Nice. That's the building you're installing inside, or just one of the many old mills scattered around N. Adams. Looks like a great spot either way. That last set is pretty uncanny too.

  4. bad ass!!! i am def. gonna check this out on my yearly xmas trip to boston. brenda (pancake maker extraordinaire) i know will wanna see it too!

  5. what a cool old building , great space, cool pics too

  6. These were taken with just a little digital point-n-shoot, hence the noise in the last image (handheld).