(photos from Being Here Is Better Than Wishing We'd Stayed, and installation by the Miss Rockaway Armada at Mass MoCA, larger photo gallery of the installation here)

Well we have finally finished our stay and installation at Mass MoCA. Being Here Is Better Than Wishing We’d Stayed is now open through April 2009. We all had a blast, and are extremely grateful to the museum and it’s staff for offering this opportunity. Spending time together with some old, and old-new friends in North Adams was also pretty great. Hopefully I'll have some photos from our non-working moments (and they were just that, moments) to share soon.

Here's a video walkthrough:

And here's Dark Dark Dark performing with Long Gone Gabe at the opening:


This was the official/unofficial theme song of the installation, the refrain should sound familiar. The title is also appropriate for this post seeing as I am finally returning to NYC to stay (for a while, anyway).

• Dark Dark Dark - New York Song

A band's place in myspace.

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