(the second half of Skull By Skull Now, a full gallery can be found here, part of it is VERY 18+/NSFW)

Figure now is as good a time as any to post the list to date, seeing as we are past the halfway mark for our time here at Mass MoCA.

- Being in the museum late at night, when no one's around.
- "Ol' Stabby" stabbing "Knife Knife" at the Sol LeWitt's assistants' welcome party. It was okay though, Knife Knife cleaned up all his own blood.
- George almost getting busted dumpstering at Dunkin' Donuts by a cop who pulled up, but didn't notice him since he was staring intently at the drive-thru menu.
- Exploring very-abandoned building 17.
- Communal meals with live musical accompaniment.
- 3 out of my 10 fingers covered in bandages, and we're only halfway through.
- The next party we attend gets transformed into a dance party at our urging (more like take over), and ends with pouring beer on people and throwing cans. The next day rumors of a girl getting hit with a can and running home crying circulate. They are greatly overstated.
- Sneaking in (with assistance) to see Stephen Malkmus and John Vanderslice perform at the museum. Vanderslice wasn't bad.
- Exploring the hills around town, in a soft drizzle.
- Turns out the artist housing we are staying in is directly across the street from a corner store drug front. A bizarre parade of shadies and a busy back-alley continue outside my window.
- Waiting in line at the hardware store, the man in front of me makes a "fuckin' homos" comment. Then promptly corrects himself with "Oh, yeah, not s'posed to say that out loud anymore, right?"
- Dumpstering in North Adams is pretty much a wholesale bust.
- Rumor of a Tuesday midnight Dunkin Donuts tranny rendezvous turns out to be a rumor after all.
- Being accused of stealing coffee from the Museum's cafe when I stop to add more sugar to the coffee I brought from home in my travel mug.
- Half-price sushi night at Jae's in Williamstown.
- Accidentally bursting in to the Jenny Holzer installation through a side stairwell when the other door we came in through locks behind us. (It was a total "whooooaaaaaa" moment, like opening a door directly into the expansive void of outer space. Okay maybe not that whoa).
- The irony of having a ragtag bunch of artists (us) installing at the same time as a relatively hoity-toity group is here to work on the Sol LeWitt installation.
- Watching documentaries about post-Katrina Mississippi/New Orleans and regretting for the millionth time not going down there right after it happened instead of continuing my travels abroad.
- Holly Hardman, the filmmaker behind Left Behind In Louisiana giving a bad Q & A. People walking out in the middle of it.


Can't believe I totally forgot to post these guys after seeing them at CMJ. And then forgot AGAIN after SXSW. Sigh. Well we're fixing that now, and to make it up I'm going double.

• Health - Heaven

• Health - Crimewave (Crystal Castles VS Health Remix)

A band's place in myspace.



  2. i didn't know what real was until i came across your site. keep it up.

  3. woo hoo. boobs, a list, AND crimewave? aw man, it's like multiples. don't stop.

    um, i don't think that was "VERY" (in caps?) 18+, did i miss something? i did really like the photo of silk panties getting cleaned off/out.

    you guys are going to be there for TWO more weeks? seriously?

  4. Well my site is already labeled porn and gets blocked by most filters, so it seemed wise to add a disclaimer when linking to a gallery with topless girls feeling each other up. Which is pretty 18+, I didn't say 21+ keep in mind.

    I guess maybe some of us are hard to impress in the age of an instant-gratification porn-laden internet. I'll have to try harder next time. . .

  5. what's with this big pale grey box that covers your page in random spaces? is it only my computer?

  6. Headed to MassMoCA as part of a YUAG Field Trip on the 26th of April. Will be sure to check out your installation. Thanks for the intro! Linked to you through the BikesnobNYC site.

  7. best night ever, start to finish. were you standing there in the hallway when josh opened the door to the bathroom and there wer two guys and a girl and in a muddy, steamy shower (and a few others standing by?) i was. terrible time to be caught without a camera.

  8. This is porn!

  9. who is the girl in the orange swimsuit. OMGAWD.

  10. seriously, girl with orange bathing suit has been getting praised over on this messageboard.

    starter here: http://b9board.com/viewtopic.php?t=458387&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

    but some bitter cougar ruined it.

    so a new thread was started here:


    we're all pretty much in love.