(photos from Slaughterama 5 in Richmond, more photos here)

Slaughterama 5 is up. Only took a few late nights post museum-building-time. Not as much bike stuff in there as I had expected, but way more bands/boxing stuff than I had imagined too. Still working on the installation here at Mass MoCA. It's kind of great to have a neat project to pour myself into along with such an amazing crew of people to work with. Long days and nights, but when there's nothing else you'd rather be doing it's not a bad thing. Went to see Stephen Malkmus (who for some reason was recently on Fox News) and John Vanderslice perform at the museum last night. I met a military photographer in the crowd and got to hear some crazy stories of being embedded during Katrina and two tours of Iraq. Really nice guy, hope he can finish his ten years and get out soon. Okay, back to work. It's communal-cooking-night: burritos!


This is another song from the same comp as the last post, the Mauled By Tigers compliation "This was supposed to be a celebration!" I'll have to cap my mp3 selections from this CD before I post the whole damn thing. Or in other words, if you don't have it you're missing out (it's freakin' $5 pp, less than you spent on lunch today probably).

• The Bananas - New Animals

A band's place in myspace.


  1. Sick!

    You inspire legions of people to make the world more fun!

    Rock on!

  2. you calling the slaughterama kids dumb?

  3. Actually no. The title is not about the Cutthroats/Slaughterama participants. None of my headlines are directly about the content of the posts, on purpose. I didn't think anyone would think that I was slamming people that I consider my friends and have been a fan of for years. But I often don't think people will see things negatively and am just as often proved wrong. So thanks for confirming that.

  4. i love you, Mr. Sucka Pants