Being back in Brooklyn = more parties! And you've got two to chose from tonight (rock VS dance), unless you are of the ambitious do-it-all party-hopper type. I think I am getting too old for that, personally. But I will probably change my mind when it gets warmer and my bike gets less rusty.


Chief Mag:
We're having a dance party on Friday!

ZIPCO XXVII (a birthday party)
FRIDAY, April 25th

DJ Teen Wolf
DJ RevMcfly

@ Post
172 N.1st & Bedford/Driggs

No Cover
Free Whiskey 10-11pm

It's a birthday party for Chief's very own Senior Editor, Mr. Ed Zipco!


====> FRIDAY 4/25 @ DEATH BY AUDIO <====

:: Power Douglas -------> new band w/ dudes from TVOTR & Dragons of Zynth
:::: Monotonix ----------> crazy fĂșcks from Israel
:::::: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
:::::::: Ruined Frame ------> Baltimore, mems New Flesh & Yukon
:::::::::: Lidia Stone

49 S 2nd St btwn Wythe & Kent | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Bedford, JM to Marcy, G to Metropolitan | 8pm | $7 | ALL AGES


PS. Cops in the Sean Bell case were found not guilty, and the EPA will not be held responsible for it's blatant lies about the safety of the air quality at Ground Zero. Apparently Justice is on Spring Break too.


Something more protest-oriented might be better suited considering the two little news bits above, but honestly I'll look for any excuse to post a version of this song.

• Jamie T - A New England

A band's place in myspace.

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