(NOLA has it down when it comes to gnarly)

I woke up this morning to get my SXSW pictures posted, and discovered that my ipod/external hard drive had mysteriously "disappeared" all of my SXSW photos, along with my shots of the Skidmarxxx's first Bike Kill/mud wrestling party (yes it was as awesome as it sounds).

Just like that - Poof!

So no SXSW or Skidmarxxx photos for you guys, or anyone else for that matter. Sorry.


In light of recent circumstances, things might be a bit quiet around here for a while. So I wanted to make sure I shared this with you before things go dark. Possibly the most slept-on stand-out performers at SXSW. After all, Spank Rock, Diplo and Cadence Weapon can't all be wrong. . .

• Ninjasonik - Holla For A Dolla

A band's place in myspace.


  1. boooooooo......oh well at least i had fun

  2. HA HA! Sucks to be you! (finally I can say that)

  3. AGAIN?!?!??!!

    I'm sorry buddy. But don't give up on data recovery.

  4. um, that bone is knarls.

  5. uh. send ninjasonic up to washington heights. i'm sure i can find some toothless ladies who they can fuck in the ear for a dollar. you can take pictures. we can play that song in the background, and they can be like "woah, this was such a bad idea.."

  6. ummmm that really sucks tod, i'm sorry. this wtf stuff is like a plague recently- my bf's band sold out a ton of shows, then he fell off the stage in chicago, hurt his hand and tour cancelled. and totally michael just crashed his car, tour cancelled. dude.

  7. dood...

    you're fucking cursed.

    sorry brother.


  8. washington heights. toothless ladies. whoever wrote that is on some real ignorant shit. like racist type ignorant. im from washington heights and aint really an abundance of toothless sluts up there just mad dominican girls, like me and midwestern white ppl, cuz of gentrification, as of late. haha people are buggin. maybe ninjasonik should go to the redlight district, where the brothels are. washington heights. lol smh

    im sorry about your harddrive that has happened to me twice and its a real real shame that sxsw is now lost for all the people who were waiting to catch it on suckapants. ie me.

  9. Have you brought the drive to tekserve or any other data recovery place?

    You need to double-back-up the future of your photographs.


  10. what kind of asshole left that second comment? on tod's behalf: Fuck you, anonymous. I hope a bird shits on your dinner.

  11. Yes, I have sent the drive to a guy to run recovery on it. Keeping fingers crossed that maybe we'll see some SXSW up here in a week or more after all. Since I have no idea what caused the files to disappear, I don't know how good my chances are.

    I usually do backup my files while traveling on dvd. However the dvds I brought were from a replacement set sent to me after my last batch were all bad. Turned out the replacement batch were all duds too, so no go. Thanks for nothing Verbatim.

  12. i'll cross my fingers for you - that really fucking sucks. sorry tod