(photos from lovely New Orleans, including the Termite & Vine squat and performance by the Little Lambs)

Things have been quiet around here, and for good reason kind of. New Orleans was an interesting trip, with veritable ups and downs. But after spending an evening in Orleans Parish Prison I had to admit defeat (more on that later, maybe). Some great kids in NOLA, and it is truly one of the most beautiful and unique places in America. However it kicked my ass so I got the hell out. Headed to Richmond next for Slaughterama with Matt & Kim. Should be a good pick me up. Now if my knee would just heal up I'd be back on track.

ps. Thanks to a buddy of mine, all of my lost photos were recovered. So we will be seeing some SXSW and Skidmarxxx in the near future. Lesson learned: don't trust iPods to be portable hard drives. And anyone that will help you out with data recovery when they are puking-sick is a true friend.


There's very little that can compare to a band whose sound you really love doing a cover of a song you really love. This is off that aforementioned Cardboard Records compilation. I told you it was good (new Japanther track too!).

• Shooting Spires - Sailin' On

A band's place in myspace.


  1. this is a post that leaves me curious for more...opp?

  2. thats some beautiful stuff

  3. wow. great stuff here.

  4. glad you're not in prison sucka!

    bring on the skull by skull now pix! there's a certain few i'm esp eager to see...

  5. amazing! i want to see more...can't wait to see the sxsw stuff.

  6. lostetta pukerella4/05/2008 11:53 AM

    hey mister !!!

    thx for takin pics of our show.
    the house looks really pretty and really messy in theese ....


    -lostetta lamb

  7. I feel like I just lived a whole year by looking at your photos.

  8. Good pic. Havent been in NOLA since katrina so it's interesting to see the post apocalyptic scene down thare. Fun to see Gino n Dr. Matt in the photos. Still on Oahu- Al

  9. super beautiful pictures !

    loved these. seriously.

  10. Out of curiosity how'd you end up in OPP for the night? It's been my experience with the NOPD that it's pretty much impossible to get caught doing anything. Unless you're fucking off in the quarter anyway... What a fun place huh?

  11. Hey Benji,

    Yes, your impression of NOLA was mine as well, until my last visit there. Apparently at some point post-Katrina the NOPD decided to take a "zero tolerance" approach. They will arrest for pretty much any reason, one guy I was in OPP with didn't even know why he was in there. He walked out a bar and boom, was in the back of a cruiser. A lot of people in my cell were there for minor stuff, disorderly conduct, peeing in public (which gets them tagged as a sex offender too), etc. So it would seem that things have changed. The court room was so crowded that people had to stand in the hallway and listen for their name to be called.