(the Death Set, Cadence Weapon, Ninjasonik, Team Robespierre, and Ponytail)

And the SXSW bus keeps rollin'. . .

- Almost getting side-swiped off the road by a barreling semi. Life flashes before eyes, verdict = not too bad, considering.
- Meeting Roland, aka Cadence Weapon, and his DJ. Nice chill dudes.
- Meeting some nice girls in ATL who take us out to the Claremont Lounge, Andy falls a bit for "Ms. Barbie" the stripper. The DJ there was as impressive with his tunes as he was with his outfit.
- When we leave the bar, we are met with a small-dog-sized pile of human feces on our vans tire. We figure out it was one of the band members sleeping in the van, too drunk to make it to the bar. We were able to match small bits of puke near the feces to another vomit spot made earlier.
- Our hosts let all nine of us crash at their place, and provide air mattresses before going out at 5am to get groceries to cook us breakfast in the morning.
- We wake up to waffles, pancakes, eggs, coffee and juice, It's the first real breakfast I've had since the 3rd.
- They also had a tiny cute baby squirrel one of their co-workers had rescued, much "awww-ing" commenced.
- Getting a good dose of pure Pensacola butt-crack.
- Venturing into the L Q OR STORE, where we are promptly reminded that we don't blend in down here.
- Meeting all the sweet kids from Ponytail.
- Being well taken care of by Ryan the super-bro at the Homestead in Pensacola. He cooked us breakfast too.

Here's the Death Set in Pensacola:


If this song is any indication, these guys are bringing us some seriously good tunes with their new album.

• The Mae Shi - Run To Your Grave

A band's place in myspace.

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  1. sweet! Maybe we can meet at slaughterama. Your blog is ace. You should definetly bring some of the bands your with back to richmond. I need another Death Set show.