(the Death Set, Ponytail, Team Robespierre, These Are Powers and Bourbon S.t in New Orleans)

- My first shower in a while reveals a ton of scratches on my feet and legs, mementos from the Floristree kittens.
- Meeting Jay who is working on the Todd P. documentary, adventures commence.
- Dropping in to New Orleans A) during spring break, and B) the day before 03/11/08, otherwise known as "311 eve," as in the night before the band 311 plays a concert on 3/11. Bourbon St. is thick with Mardi-Gras-style revelers getting wasted, taking off their shirts (well the guys anyway), and singing 311 songs when they aren't chanting "311" together. There are t-shirts being sold with nothing but the date on them, and passer-bys wish each other "Happy 311." Think I'm kidding? I have proof (scroll down).
- Some of the Death Set discovers the Bourbon St. "Hand Grenades."
- Kinda-too-old-for-this guy trying to keep the "Mardi Gras spirit" going.
- After escaping all the 311 fun, we catch Team Robespierre's set at a Black Label party at the Whirling Dervish. Jahphet gets a little too brave dancing with a girl at the underwear dance party afterward and is almost chased out.

311 day celebration in New Orleans


"One of the best live shows I've seen."
- Peter of the Death Set

• These Are Powers - Chipping Ice

A band's place in myspace.


  1. Always Right3/13/2008 12:41 PM

    all of these bands rule, can't wait to see them all together again in Little Rock.

  2. Great to see the bands getting exposure, but I for one will be happy to see them back in Baltimore. Ponytail is THE shit!