(The Vivian Girls performing at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn)

So that great Team Robespierre/Ninjasonik//Vivian Girls/Snakes Say Hiss show I had mentioned earlier was tonight. Or it was until it got shut down by some aggro undercover cops with their metal batons and handcuffs. Now I understand that cops have a shitty job, one where it can literally be said that everyone is out to get you. BUT fuck cops who make everything worse (for themselves as well) by being overly violent and aggressive. That shit throws every piece of sympathy anyone might have for your crappy job right out the window. Put your baton away, take the handcuffs off the scared barely legal kid. There are less than 50 people here, and most of them are just trying to get out of the way. I know you had your training drilled into your head at the academy that everyone is a threat, but again, fuck you. Chill out. Do your job and issue summons and move on with your night. No one is going to give you an excuse to crack their face open here, we are too smart for that. Being an asshole isn't going to make anyone any safer. In fact, take a look at your 7 other comrades. None of them have their weapons out, they aren't handcuffing everything that flinches. You're making your fellow boys-n-blue look bad.

Your problem is that everyone is "other" to you. What a shitty way to go through life.

UPDATE: Turns out the cops were from Internal Affairs and were sent there on a vendetta. Beautiful thing about IA cops? No oversight committee. Seems like somebody wants to keep shutting down DIY venues in Brooklyn, (The Hi-Fi, the Syrup Room, Llando Escando). Gee, wonder who would benefit from having fewer places for bands to play in NYC? Not other venues, perhaps?



Like a wound that just won't heal.

• Fear - I Love Livin In The City

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  1. A word from the market;

    We want to continue being a haven for inspiring music and creativity. We need your trust and help to try to keep everyone safe. yourselves and ourselves.
    Tonight was a benefit show funding ink, paper, pressings. not profit.
    We're all for a good time and we ask you to respect our homes.
    We wish it would be as easy to get the message to the police.
    Sorry and Thank you.

  2. whoa. no pictures of the cops sucka?

    i wonder why the cops came in? brooklyn vegan said anyone in a showpaper shirt was told to lineup against the wall!

    hey speaking of vivian girls, did you post any of their mp3 yet? i'm really getting hooked on their sound, just from listening to the myspace tracks. they have lots of shows coming up too!

  3. Blanket Statement: cops are dicks. Only a dick would take that job. People who actually want to help become fire fighters. Only bullying, power tripping dicks become cops.

    With very few exceptions.

  4. i'm still confused as to why the cops came in the first place, and what's the vendetta about? luckily, it seemed the genghis tron tron show went off without a hitch.