(photos from the fifth annual Idiotarod race in NYC, more photos here)



Best in Show: Danger Zone

Best Bribery: Fake Work

Best Sabotage:

1. Cobra

2. Gnome Camp

3. Carticus

Purple Heart Award:

1. Burt Reynold's Mustache

2. Hair Cult for Men

3. Culture Club/ 7 Deadly Sins tied

Most surprising completion of the race despite an unwieldy course:

1. Colonel Angus

2. Cold Master Union

3. Taste the Rainbow

Best Industrial Design: WWF

Other Awards

Most Spirit: No Sheep Til Brooklyn

Most Sweetness: Taste the Rainbow

Best Recruitment of new members along the course: SaKKred Cow (Kostume Kult)

Cart with the most miles: CROC Hunter

Keeping it Surreal: Easy Listening

Made me feel old and bored: Internet Meme

If you are going to throw something how about dried corn: The Amish

Most unlikely to bring their mom: Mad Max

Best Loss of Security Deposit: Chefs

TV reference award: Arrested Development

Fabulous so Gay and we love you for it: The Bedazzlers

Best Cobra Cart: Cobra Evan

Best Judge/ Lifetime Achievement award: Mo

Stole the most stuff: Robbers in the Temple

Most persistent: La Jodida Muerte

Best name change when Pirates became against the rules: The Angry Whores


Ever tried to cover up the holes in the bottom of your sneakers with duct tape? Does not work.



Here's a Green Day cover by some guy with the worst wig ever and his friend Florence.

• Lightspeed Champion And Florence - Scattered

A band's place in myspace.


  1. i think the shopping carts at the end are the best part,

  2. I love the whole young-guy-pushed-to-the-brink-doing-random-shit in New York thing. I used to get drunk on my ass and bite heads off the fish in the Chelsea market...raw. I brought it raw. I bring the hype raw. I break the law and come out OK on appeal. Check my record at the courthouse. Check it but don't wreck it.

  3. great shots!
    god i love the idiots.

  4. AWESOME!!! So glad you were there to capture it all....

  5. yep - hott job as always sucka.

    p.s. i love to get drunk and bite the heads off of fish at the market too. (but hey, who doesn't?)