(Rated X the party at Don Hill's in NYC)

Have you seen the new Nada Surf music video featuring a bike messenger in NYC? The messenger in question is former Adventures of Pete and Pete star Mike Maronna, who is also a member of the NYC bike community. I remember seeing him at many Critical Mass rides and doing the "why does that guy look familiar?" thing. It's a pretty nice video, good cinematography that captures the fluidity of riding without the nausea that can sometimes accompany it's transference to film. And for those track-o-philes out there, yes this is another example of fixed gear bikes in the mainstream. Get out your doomsday checklist.



I hung out with Mr. White Williams over the holidays. Mainly because Joe (that's his real name) went to the same high school I did and was friends with my little sister. So we saw a fair bit of "Little Joe Williams", as my Mom likes to call him. He talked about the whirlwind he's been on since an album he made for fun and never intended to perform live has gotten so popular, and about some of the exciting touring he has lined up for 2008. It was weird to hear this person I've known as a funny young lil' kid talk about such grown up things. But it was also awesome.

• White Williams - New Violence

A band's place in myspace.


  1. i like how you cut the people's heads off in the party photos. almost like anti-party-photos, but still cool.

  2. haha, good call on the link to BikeSnob. he's convinced me over the past few months that there indeed may be some breaking point of the trendiness of fixies, and it may be sooner rather than later.

  3. how come you and surgery always have the same photos?

  4. maybe because they are at the same places?

  5. damn you NYC kids know how to throw down