(photos from a basement dance party in Harlem, more photos here)

I was invited up to a basement dance party this weekend in Harlem thrown by some notable names from that hood (Donnjay of Most Respected, Chrybaby who you might recognize from Chris Brown's recent video for "Kiss Kiss", with DJs Fatboy, Busta, and Rob Low of Uptown Flow, and DJ S-Dot of Hood Presidents). It was really damn fun, and reminded me what raunchy really is. Not to mention it was pretty great to be in a room full of people who were dancing their asses off without a care or any hint of self-consciousness.



Gotta give it to Flosstradamus, Chicago lovin' on Chicago.

• The Cool Kids - Pump Up The Volume (Flosstradamus Remix)

A band's place in myspace.


  1. christ, these pictures are awesome. i am so jealous. who invited you? how did everyone feel about you shooting?

  2. Everyone was extremely chill and welcoming. I had an invitation/introduction by one of the DJs, so that made all the difference.

  3. phluidsphoto12/04/2007 4:06 AM

    Arh, so here's a little more info on the sweaty basement bash. Looks like fun...

  4. you got access and you used that to your full advantage, these pictures are fantastic.

  5. JAH JAH ( NINJASONIK )12/12/2007 3:13 PM

    this shit reminds me of the partys i went to growing up ! ahh i miss this so much .. THAS HOW U DANCE ! THAS HOW U DANCE !

  6. Hello Everyone Donnjay Brayboy here former member of the Dance Crew you see dancing their harts out in the photographs done #SuckaPants.. Now as C.E.O of Taste Like Broadway Performing Arts and BeastCoastCrew..... I am excited to inform you all that I have reached back out to some of the 40 some odd numbers in this Dance Crew I shared so great times with Called "Most Respected" and we are planning a "Most Respected Reunion" so if anybody would have love to be apart of something like whats in these photos feel free to contact me via email at BeastCoastCrew14@gmail.com thanks again for the pictures stay in touch -DonnjayOut-