(photos from this year's Santacon, photo gallery here)

Santacon was fun. Not all that debaucherous, but very very very drunk. Some hightlights below:

- Santa-themed punk band performing and giving out shots on stage at Don Hill's (anyone know the name of the band?).
- Rockettes-style line-dancing Santas in from the the Grinch theater.
- Capoeira Santas in Tompkins Square Park.
- Santas boarding a school bus and handing out candy canes.
- Best gift from Santa: porn, of course.
- Cutest Santa: Lil' Spencer Santa.
- Greatest Santa invention: Rudolph the rolling reindeer, who dispensed liquor our of his, er, thingy, and Hershey's kisses out of his, er, back thingy.
- Best non-Santa costume: Rudolph The Disgruntled Reindeer.
- Best variation on Santa: Darth Vadar Santa.
- Bummer Santa: was actually dressed as an elf. He threw a kid over a fence to fetch a ball and almost poured his 40oz on a homeless lady (luckily more-sober Santa stopped him).
- Most divisive Reindeer Game: punting kickballs into a crowd of very unaware Santas.
- Santas getting arrested and carried away in cuffs outside the bars on the LES (Santa shouldn't smoke illegal substances in public).

Chris from Team Spider made a "Santa Rampage" film at Santacon this year, you can youtube it here.



It's punk and Xmas at the same time. Yes.

• Impact - Punk Christmas

A band's place in myspace.

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  1. Looks more debaucherous than the santa dash we have here (http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/en/Residents/Parks_Outdoors/Activities/santadash.htm) anyway..