(Against Me! performing at Terminal 5 in NYC)

I went to see Against Me! on Saturday, such really really nice guys. Speaking of nice guys, I have to compliment the security staff at Terminal 5. Even though they were in the typically amped-up world-is-ending emergency-mode for the crowd-surfing, I can't recall when I've had a more pleasant experience dealing with security at a show. They were polite, communicated the situation well, and were actual people you could ask to get where you needed to, or just chat with. Kinda blew my mind compared to the usual Securi-bots you normally encounter. Thanks, guys.

Sunday I went for a very cold and wet trip to the Tugboat Graveyard in Staten Island. It was fun, albeit pretty close to freezing and rather gloomy. But you forget about all that when you're climbing around on years and years of beautiful rust, rot, and decay.



Interesting vocal-heavy cover of a classic.

• Petra Haden - Don't Stop Believin'

A band's place in myspace.


  1. the way that Tom is looking up at the headline is pure genius. very possi with the headlines lately.

  2. another perspective

    funny seeing them after so long, at one point i felt like i got punched in the gut, was during an old song. I couldnt help but feel for the loss of momentum that was building, on the left, the anarchist movement, anti-globalization. Those things went underground again, and something I associated with those times was being sung for a crowd while some gigantic multinational usurps our creativity to make a few stars.

    we've not gone too far, yet have so much work to do.

  3. perfect lighting and sharpness in those shots, nice! I haven't caught a show at Terminal 5 yet, looks nice though.

  4. um, you caught his sweat flying in midair. wow.

  5. I was pretty surprised when they played the baby I'm an anarchist song. While it's a great song and without a doubt a timeless punk anthem, it didn't seem right for them to be playing it anymore. Yeah who am I to say what they should or shouldn't play, but it was still my gut reaction.

    The security - they seemed like meatheads to me. i.e. I saw them very aggressively and violently ejecting one punk who had been crowd surfing. Their behavior made me never want to go to Terminal 5 again and support that space.

  6. Yeah I hear you on the crowd-surfer treatment. The only thing is that they were pretty much on par for that in regards to other venues, in my experience. So while I can't compliment them on that, I also can't really condemn them either. It's just what happens when you have some aggro dudes with a clear-cut mission. Granted their mission is to make sure nobody gets hurt and sues the venue, but that also equates into everyone standing still and having less fun. I guess what I was saying was more that the security was able to distinguish between crowd-surfers and photographers, so we didn't all get lumped into the same "intruder" category, which was nice for a change.

  7. I'm glad you had a good time, and your photos look great too. I left early...the sound gets lost in that place, too crowded, I lost my friends, yadda yadda. I can't blame them for...growing up, going mainstream?? As they do that their audience gets so much younger. Maybe I was just cranky about missing World/Inferno and paying 6 bucks for Budweiser.