(Matt & Kim performing at the Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn)

So my computer has been in for repair for the past week, hence the lack of action around here. I just got it back, but to my dismay it is without the repair I took it in for in the first place. It went something like this:

"So I never got a notification that my computer was ready to be picked up, why is that?"
"Hmmm, not sure."
"Okay, well did they replace the battery?"
"Let's see. Well they ran stress tests and diagnostic tests and didn't find anything wrong."
"Okay. Well it only lasts for 45 minutes once unplugged and never charges to 100% no matter how long you leave it plugged in. So it doesn't work as a portable battery and I needed it replaced. That's why I brought it in a week ago."
"Well... they ran tests."
"Right, I don't doubt your tests, but the battery won't hold a charge, so it doesn't function as a portable computer."
"Okay. Can you just sign here?"
"So you're not going to replace the battery?"
"They already ran tests. Just sign here."
"Thank you."

Yeah, some genius bar. Geniuses at avoiding spending money on repairing their still-under-warranty malfunctioning equipment. Thanks guys.

Future catch-up posts to look forward to:
- Halloween
- St. Louis



Still kickin' it on the covers tip.

• The Raconteurs - Teenage Kicks

A band's place in myspace.

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  1. dammit, i am so pissed i missed this, last time matt and kim played at mhow the crowd was disappointing, i thought this would be the same. why do i sometimes doubt the equation m+k=awesome.