(photos from St. Louis and the remainders of the Miss Rockaway Armada's fleet: members of Team Bling in their new wetsuits, cause the river gets cold late in the season; Ossian repairing the bottom; the Garden Of Bling; mirrors and bling on the Bling; Miss Jen Kitchen; the MRA flag flying on the bridge pylon over the Mississippi; SWOON piece in Cementland; short story by Ezekiel Heads on a cement truck barrel; the redecorated inside of a Greyhound bus; Polaroid Kidd in a field; caboose living quarters; the indomitable Harrison The Great salvaging wood for Bling. More photos here)

I promised a much delayed update on the Miss Rockaway Armada in St. Louis, so here it is. Better late than never (becoming an unfortunate motto around here lately).

- Wetsuits! (cause that water gets cold late in the year)
- Rotting dead deer blood in the car = pretty nauseous smell (eventually the carcass would be lit on fire by unknown persons).
- People in downtown St. Louis locking the doors on their SUV as I biked slowly by trying to read street signs at night.
- Nice people at the Black Bear Bakery.
- The Camp House rules! Such nice kids.
- Late-night drunken dance party at Camp.
- Cementland = giant abandoned cement factory with cool hidden stuff.
- Cool refurnished Greyhound Bus at Cementland.
- Getting politely chased away for taking photos near scrap yards and industrial sites.
- East St. Louis = Gary, IN.
- Brooklyn, IL = strip-club-land.
- Meeting a nice Christian employee at a coffee shop who was very helpful and didn't try to help me find Jesus while he was helping me find my way to South St. Louis.
- Stripping wood off of I Left My Heart In Kirksville in the rain.
- Working on bicycles in the Camp bike shop.
- Riding 30 miles on a cruiser bike that felt like it was pulling a ton of bricks.
- Exploring abandoned buildings (so many that they almost become unexciting after a while).
- Jaci and her new pit bull puppy.
- The bridge/pylon camp/squat over the Mississippi.
- The City Museum is probably to coolest museum ever. You owe it to your (possibly unborn) children to take them there once in their life.
- Neighborhood kids running amok the school area of Camp.
- Pussying out and not trying to run across the very busy train bridge carrying my bike with me.



I remember a member of CSS telling me how much they liked this song by Grizzly Bear, so I was happy when I discovered this (very well done) cover.

• CSS - Knife

A band's place in myspace.


  1. when does the book come out tod eh?
    these shots are gorgeous.

  2. Ha. Your guess is as good as mine. . .

  3. Sean FUCK NYPD R.I.P.1/18/2008 4:56 AM

    I see the dude in the red coat in NYC, he is getting punched in the face. Fair warning.