(CMJ marathon: Gowns; The Mall; Jay Reatard; High Places; Health; Mika Miko; Japanther; Double Dagger; Black Kids; The Apes; Art Goblin; Yeasayer; The Coathangers; Big A Little A; more CMJ photos here)

I am currently in St. Louis checking up on the final phase of the Miss Rockaway Armada, and taking a break after CMJ. It was a bit tough to see a lot of the shows without a badge, but the real problem was just so many things overlapping. Regardless it was fun, and thanks to those friends who lent a hand getting me in to various shows I would otherwise have missed/had to pay for. And now for the CMJ rundown. . .

- Most overrated band: Black Kids (aka The Go! Team minus the cool parts).
- Most exciting new band: Health.
- Funniest band/venue juxtaposition: Japanther on the main stage at the Knitting Facotry.
- Most satisfying show: Matt & Kim at Williamsburg Music Hall (photos to come).
- Most intense/vomit-inducing show: the aforementioned Dan Deacon show at Silent Barn.
- Most fun in the middle of the day: the Death Set at Pianos as part of a Brooklyn Vegan day show (photos to come).
- Best free stuff: nothing, didn't get any free things.
- Best thing to be said about CMJ this year: less of a problem with reserved spaces for badge-holders keeping paying customers out of shows than in past years.
- Worst thing to be said about CMJ this year: less exciting lineups than in past years.



We love ourselves fun covers of silly pop songs, don't we?

• Rock Plaza Central - Sexy Back

A band's place in myspace.

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  1. woah woah woah, i just wanted to say that that the Gossip's cover of "Careless Whisper" is the best damn thing i've heard in a long time 'cept i had one of those weeks when i got to see Les Savy Fav, Handsome Furs and Beach House within a four day span. SO it's pretty much fourth in line after them. and now i want to print out all the photos in this post and put them in gold frames on the wall. flipping hell.