(photos from the bowels of the Columbia University)

I just bounced through NYC for a few days to shoot stills for a friend's indie film, and one of the filming locations was in the subterranean guts of an old Columbia University building up in Harlem. It was kinda neat, although the lack of necessary B&Eing made it seem a bit too easy. Regardless it was fun mucking around in the detritus. I'll post some photos from the film when I get a minute.



So I was up late packing and this song came on the radio. I hadn't heard it before, and don't know the band either. Something about it struck a chord with me though. Probably having a little to do with being very transitory for a long time (traveling since April), but also having a lot to do with realizing I am not getting any younger, time is not standing still, and the windows to realize my hopes and daydreams of high school/college are slowly starting to close. Kind of a weird thing.

• Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah

A band's place in myspace.


  1. our life-spans are 2 to 3 times longer on average than not so long ago. fk time... fk social prejudice connected with time, age, whatever. the windows to realize any hopes are never closing till the last breath... preferably a breath with an amused smile.

  2. o no the radio stations in phoenix played this song about 90 times a day this summer...... fyi, the girl's going to ditch the guy....we all turn into something new when we get to new york, our hearts change, we want more, we get more than what we had before. the white tee doesn't have a chance.