(captions as follows: roadkill dinner; friendly drunk man in liquor store parking lot; MUDCANO; Brodie watching Mudcano from a safe spot; Brodie's eye after Santiago smashed his glasses [Santi needed stitches]; boat bursting out of the trees; taxidermied something playing the saw; Brandy showing off her bug in a light bulb; a dead flat possum; I found Camelot; Brandy busking late at night in a deserted downtown; bonfires and Sparks)

Been spending a lot of time with roadkill and bonfires.

- More abandoned buildings.
- Watching Mutton Busting at a rodeo happening twenty-five feet from where I normally sleep.
- Exploring a cool boat graveyard.
- Sneaking late-night showers at a campground.
- Riding your bike for over two hours in 90+degree blazing sun on a highway kinda sucks.
- Watching your friend hack hunks off a roadkill deer for dinner.
- Talking to the ex-bear-wrestler about bear wrestling, and mountains.
- Exploring the muddy shores of the Mississippi at sundown.
- A friendly local recounting how he bought an RV for really cheap at an auction, and then drove his tractor through it.
- The bottom of your toe might be the worst place for mosquito bites.
- One hell of a disturbing pet name for a classic car.
- I will never understand people's tendency to be so defensive of their garbage (ie. we got busted dumpstering).
- Having my contributions to the group's website censored (ie. I will no longer be posting there, only here).
- When stripping during karoke in a woman's American flag bikini bottom, make sure all your junk stays put.
- Helping to feed someone's dogs: two cans dog food, two cans chili, cause "Eh, it's pretty much the same thing."
- Using a shower in an abandoned house that was covered in mud and cigarette butts (but I still felt cleaner afterward).
- The band Parts & Labor stopping by to perform a solo set by Dan Friel.
- Spending an entire night evading the Police's K9 unit (yes, that one is a long story).



Dunno, I just like this. Might be the heat.

• Clique Claque - Neavue Riche (Radio Action Refix)

A band's place in myspace.


  1. is water hoboing always so... um... fun?

  2. you know who7/09/2007 12:07 PM

    i'm trying to picture you doing a striptease, but all i see when i close my eyes are chunks of deer flesh. miss you, bikini bottom and all.

  3. I think its great to see photos of the polaroid kid on your website. I first discovered him from your post about him, so it seems appropriate. I hear he's been having shows all over and is blowing up a bit. The only thing I don't get is why you aren't doing the same? People are sleeping hard on you, hope they wake up soon.

  4. Re: that last comment, I don't think people are "sleeping" on you...you're in a major show opening in SoHo tomorrow -- so congrats!