(hoppin' trains with Soup and the Polaroid Kidd)

Taking a break from the raft for a bit, some work and travel are calling. Already miss the river, the raft, and the friendly faces like hell. Kind of feel like I am making a mistake, but I hope to get back there come September. Making the right decision is hard when there is no wrong choice.

- One topic of late night conversation: Communisim is akin to Religion in that their failure is due to the poor execution by mankind.
- Driving the pickup in a crazy storm blasting classical music.
- Eating spaghetti with Bud in his farm house.
- Getting jealous over stories of life in San Fran.
- Going back to amateur strip night, and our friend winning this time!
- Hanging out with David the Bike Guy in Rock Island.
- Waiting for two hours to get picked up by friends who are too high to find you/follow directions.
- Hearing stories of old friends in Chicago majorly dicking-over other friends.
- Resurrecting my soda addiction from last year.
- Serious group sleeping-around drama, and friends leaving.
- Realizing that I look kinda scary with lots of facial hair.
- Finding out that a crew member from last year was recently kidnapped in Palestine.
- Sitting among garbage cans so your friends will have better luck hitching a ride to the hospital.
- Piloting a 70 ft. long raft in high winds with weak engines our first day out.
- Exploring an island full of poison ivy and stinging nettles.
- Accidentally roasting a bunch of turtle eggs under our cooking fire on the beach (the embryos were really cute though).
- Having a bonfire in the middle of a huge sand pit.
- Remembering/joking about the time last year when we tied up to a dead tree and immediately got swarmed by flying termites that bit their wings off once they landed on the raft. . . and the subsequent frantic massacre of the termites to protect our raft.
- Having my clothes literally falling apart on my body.
- Buying girl's jeans cause they were the only ones in the thrift store that fit me.
- Polishing off a pint of Ben & Jerry's in the parking lot of the Kum & Go and watching the parade of locals and their attempts at starting fights with each other.
- Earl and the woman with the newborn baby monkeys.
- Jumping off a thirty-foot-tall ship in the dark.
- Hanging out at the homeless mission and eating hot dogs with a "bounty hunter" and the minister.
- Getting run out of Muscatine by the cops.
- Literally holding my tent down in a fierce storm that produced a tornado thirty miles away.
- Watching the most amazing lightning I've ever seen in my life. . . several nights in a row.
- Slipping, falling and busting my ass on the corner of a 2x4, broke a nice chunk out of my rear and it hurt for a week.
- Waking up one morning to find the river literally lapping at my tent.
- Cory falling overboard and getting cut up by the engine prop.
- Meeting a friendly drunk guy while we were stranded on a beach who invites us to his mobile home on the river. . . we promptly crash into his dock and bend it, but he was still really nice and really drunk.
- Wandering around the cutest small town main streets.
- Realizing that giving a phone interview while riding a loud bus when you haven't slept for two days is not a good idea.
- Hopping my first freight train, on the fly.
- Freezing all night on a mail express train hauling ass while riding piggyback.
- Getting run out of a public park in Chicago by an armed rent-a-cop "Because I said so."
- Dumpstering still-chilled boxed lunches from a kids summer program.
- Camping out at the end of an entire street of abandoned houses in suburbia.
- When you haven't had a meal in a couple days peanut butter tastes amazing.
- Funny thing about riding trains is that it's so loud you have to shout to be heard, yet it puts you right to sleep.
- Getting caught by the railroad police five minutes after arriving in Milwaukee, although after running our IDs he was nice enough to welcome us to Milwaukee and suggest a good cheap Mexican restaurant.
- Looking forward to the art show featuring Brodie (aka The Polaroid Kidd), Monica Canilao, and Soup.



Soup loves this song, and so do I.

• Huey 'Piano' Smith - Don't You Just Know It

A band's place in myspace.


  1. next time you're in the chi gimme a call!
    can't wait to hear the stories.

  2. god my summer is boring.

  3. Easy biscuits7/28/2007 6:54 PM

    i love those space cadet hats! How much are they? 300 bucks?
    Lets get em!

    Oh, nah Fuck it I'm gonna go get a cappuccino!

  4. Damn, is your job just to make everyone else jealous? I would give my left arm to live life through your lens.

  5. That gothamist interview was good.

    Keep living the life.

  6. Holy shit man Soup is the shit! How is he? Are you still with him/ know how to contact him? If so tell him Bane said hey and good luck with everything and to give a guy a holler.

  7. Wow mate, this journey you went on looks so, so fun. Ive never been so fucking jealous in my life.


  8. soup is hot...im lame.