(dying shopping malls in Ohio)

The start of my trip has been a bit rocky. The bus breaks down in Toledo, OH, stranding me between deserted storefronts, fast food joints, and a spooky empty shopping mall. My plan of hanging out with a friend in Chicago for the night before my morning departure for Iowa is dashed. Smooth sailing this is not. Here's hoping it is not a trend that will continue. . . and be glad that for some reason I am still entranced by empty parking lots and vacant buildings.

[update:] The bus broke down twice more, stranding us on the side of the highway, and at a service plaza. I got in to Chicago at 6 am, after leaving Cleveland at 4 pm. Normally a 6 hour trip, it took 14. Megabus might have to change their name to Megasucks.


This song is weird, quirky, and really catchy. And it has wanderer in the title, which is what I am right now.

• Planningtorock - Bolton Wanderer

A band's place in myspace.


  1. wow that sucks. and this is not the same bus that had problems last year on the way to the boat, huh? that one was to be expected, at least. i know what you mean about photography saving the day. ever since i discovered how fun it can be to shoot strangers in airports, i stopped caring about delays, and that doesn't even compare to dead malls.

    stay safe sucka.

  2. you forgot to mention sitting still for 3hrs straight watching 'blade runner' in a lincoln park bahrrr.
    i will mail your soap and some mondo bug spray for those ginormous mosquitos.
    watch out for the rudder that bites and the goats that chew.

  3. i live barely 5 minutes from this mall!! imagine when i was a little kid 10-15 years ago, it was so busy you couldn't find anywhere to park! the results of urban sprawl.