(photos from the Mississippi: abandoned boat being squatted while we work on the raft; Ms. Gump & the Polaroid Kid riding in the back of a pickup truck buried under groceries; spiders are big and beautiful on the river; the raft surrounded by pleasure boats; one of many abandoned cars on Ian's farm; old organ and rifle in the work area; old trailer that was converted to a cozy hut, complete with solar powered lights/electricity; another abandoned vehicle on the farm in Rock Island; drying clothes in the setting sun)

After a long process getting here, I have arrived in Rock Island/Andalusia, IL. Spent the first few days working night and day repairing bicycles on Ian's farm. Now I am down on the boat at Ducky's Lagoon and am a smelly, dirty, bloody mess. Even I was surprised how quickly the transition happened. well since I am traveling, I'll start up the "trip list" again. . .

- Stirring your coffee with a saw blade.
- After just one day and I was already filthy, had huge scratches on my arms, cuts on my palms and fingers, and a healthy dose of mosquito bites.
- Working on bicycles and having to step over/around goats, ducks, chickens, dogs, etc.
- You can think you're kinda rough 'n tough, but then you sit down with a friend while she idly relates how she had recently hit a rabbit on the road and proceeded to clean it, cook it, eat it, skin it, tan it, and turn it into a "cute hat with a little face". . . That raises the bar in my book.
- Mosquitos were all over me the first night I got here. But for some reason they all focused on my neck. For the past few days I've looked like amateur vampires have been practicing on me.
- It can be said that bathing in the sink in the dirtiest K-mart bathroom you've ever seen is pretty unsatisfying. Although the dirty looks you get from the fat-man-in-red-suspenders were pretty priceless.
- Taking a shower with one of those solar-bag showers surrounded by derelict cars and trucks and five-foot tall grass.
- One of our crew was knocked off a gate he was climbing when he accidentally brushed an electrified wire hanging overhead. He only blacked-out for a moment though.
- Camping in the shadow of a beached houseboat on the shore of the river.
- Riding in the back of a pickup truck surrounded by plants and buried under groceries.
- Baby goats are feakin' cute.
- Adult goats will eat your clothes.
- Ian, the quiet calm generous can-do man with a farm.
- Getting three times the amount of food I already ate to-go from the grocery store's all-you-can-eat salad bar (to feed people back on the farm).
- Accidentally stealing two CV joints off a not-quite-so-abandoned pickup truck.
- Late-night half-naked raft dance party.



Here's a live version of the The Black Angels covering Black Mountaintops. Black on black always goes nicely together.

• The Black Angels - No Satisfaction

A band's place in myspace.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos. Amazing.

  2. a woman who can make supper and a hat out of roadkill, that's something. and the clothes drying in the sun, lovely image, glad a friend sent the link

  3. omg!.. if this summer season starts with photos like these, what's about to come!..
    ALL of them are Amazing... but there's something shockingly special about the one with the gun on the keyboard. That's a document par excellence... i mean, was it already there when your hungry camera brought you there?
    Let's hope the time is coming when keyboards would be used instead of guns in the instances of heavily clouded forecasts for hearts...