Not too much to report, still working, still building, still sweating.

- Driving a pickup truck with half a floor, no mirrors, a dragging bumper, hard-wired headlights you have to unplug under the hood every time you stop, and a door that swings open when you take a turn just a bit too hard.
- You know a girl has something special when she can pull off looking hot with a fake moustache drawn on.
- Messing up my knee tall bike jousting.
- Watching piles of mayflies writhing and dying en masse all over everything.
- Sleeping on the concrete floor of a giant storage shed isn't as comfortable as it sounds.

Also Chief Mag is hosting two back-to-back rock shows (some secret, some not, some free, some not) on Thursday, June 21st. Check it out.



Sometimes when I'm off traveling around, I miss Brooklyn. All the fun shows, parties, and bike rides. And these guys.

• Parts And Labor - The Gold We're Digging

A band's place in myspace.


  1. we love you.
    be safe in the wildwileywilderness.

    -all that booze you aint drinkin (even if you were here)

  2. ditto zip. here's some familiar faces, to keep you company.
    salut, sucka.