(this is kind of the opposite of what the rest of my summer is going to be like, photo from the NY Press cover shoot)

So I am headed off for the summer, again. I'm presently on my way to rejoin the Miss Rockaway Armada on the Mississippi River in Andalusia, IL. I will be trying to post from the river, but am not sure how that will go down. Every time I go out of town for a while I try to find a Sucka-substitute, but it never works out. So I'm not even bothering this time. But hopefully there will be tales of daring-do and lovely landscapes to share. If you need a reminder of what I'm talking about, here are photos from last summer: 1, 2.

Also, I will be showing photos from last year's voyage at Spencer Brownstone Gallery in Soho as part of the show 'Til I Die which opens on July 12th.

Upper Playground recently published the photography book "Backyard Shakedown," which has a few of my photos in it, along with some of my favorite photographers, Boogie and Jason Fulford.

And in case you ever wondered where one goes with his family to celebrate his birthday in Cleveland, mystery solved.



Dark Dark Dark is a new band formed by members of the aforementioned Miss Rockaway Armada. They have a lovely gypsy-gumbo-haunted-carnival-sea-chanty feel, and I dare say that this song feels classic even on the first listen.

• Dark Dark Dark - Junk Bones

A band's place in myspace.

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