(more photos from the river: this guy used to wrestle bears, now he welds office furniture; the interior of a restaurant in a grocery store; we've had some colorful storms come trough; wet kids watching the lightning show; Sav-a-lot food stores are good for dumpstering = don't use compactors, yet; our borrowed truck laden with scrap wood)

More from mudville on the Mississippi. We've had some intense storms pass through in the last few days, that besides making people's hair stand on end when lightning strikes too close, have also succeeded into turning our work area into a giant mud field. The cons are obvious, for the pros check the last line of the list below.

- Funny thing about living on a boat with thieves, they steal your shit too.
- Getting a boat tour of the disappearing slews of the Mississippi, including the tiny stub that remains of an island where people used to camp, and where a the ashes of a murdered boy were scattered.
- If you need a leatherman tool to do your sewing, you're probably not doing it right.
- I had forgotten how much I hate the combination of flies + open wounds.
- Half-naked dance parties have progessed to fully-naked-and-covered-in-mud dance parties.



The bar we are staying at is a biker bar, as in Harley Davidson and whatnot. So they have a healthy dose of classic rock and country on their jukebox, and blast it fairly late into the night. You're whole experience here takes place with a pounding soundtrack of macho (and sometimes a bit misogynistic) tunes permeating pretty much everything. So when the original version of this song came on one evening, I was stopped what I was doing long enough to soak it in. And then was promptly blasted with some sort of Creed-sounding thing.

• Sarah Brightman - Dust In The Wind

A band's place in myspace.

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  1. i always use the leatherman mini as my sewing tool of choice- tore up some crazy shirts in cuba.