Once upon a time in Brooklyn, there was an art collective called Toyshop. Sadly I cannot link to their website because the previous hosting company refuses to release the domain and deleted the site. Anyway, this collective was founded by the street artist Swoon, and pulled off many ambitious pubic occurrences in their day (the "Pirates of the Staten Island Ferry" has gone on to be an annual event I am told). Eventually, inspired by visits to squats in Berlin and Amsterdam, members of Toyshop decided to import the collective dinners they had found in these squats to Brooklyn. The dinners in Europe had not only fed hungry punks and artists, but also provided an amazing community base for otherwise scattered people. Eventually Toyshop morphed into what is now known as Grub.

Grub is a bi-weekly dinner, prepared by volunteers, and consisting of dumpstered food from the streets of NYC. A donation jar rests at the end of the serving table, but no one is ever turned away. It is hosted by the space Rubulad near the Brooklyn Navy Yards, and twice a month welcomes scores of people from various different slices of life around NYC.

Why am I writing about this, you may ask? As a lead up to this video, made by Grub co-founder Jeff Stark. It is a fun little look at the meal, mainly from the ceiling in time-lapse. If you live in NYC, you should stop by. Meet some new people, and eat some food so good you can't believe someone was going to throw it away. Click here for more info.



Holy crap. I've been waiting a year for this. The Goddamn Rattlesnake finally put out his first goddamn album. After countless hours recording with his crew in our living room, it's finally done. And it's so good it's like sweet nectar, if nectar was sweat and wiskey with a hint of rose petals. They are having their CD release party on Saturday, May 19th at the Lost and Found Bar in Greenpoint (corner of Greenpoint & Franklin). If you're around it's gonna be a rowdy time.

•• The Goddamn Rattlesnake - Foggy River

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