(Amanda Noa performing at Glasslands in Brooklyn; The Goddamn Rattlesnake wields his bass-weapon once again; Matt of Matt & Kim gives guitar-playing and crowd surfing another go for old times' sake, back then they called him Wes)

Once upon a time there was an art school called Pratt Institute, and there was a band that formed at this art school. The band was called Amanda Noa, named after some girl (who I believe didn't really go for the name). They played house/loft shows attended mostly by their friends and fellow students, and these shows became legendary among their following. Their ability to play their instruments may have been questionable, but their ability to rock was a force to be reckoned with. The grossest, most broken glass, most blood, and most injuries at any show that I have personally attended would probably be at an Amanda Noa show... all in the same show actually (by the way, when a bunch of people sweat a ton in a closed space, with a cooler metal ceiling, the sweat will condense on the ceiling and eventually rain back down on the audience. Trust me). Eventually Amanda Noa stopped playing (I think soon after the infamous "Sword show") and the members went on to other bands, Matt & Kim and The Goddamn Rattlesnake for example. However three years after their last show, they reunited from various states around the country for one last hurrah. Cause you know, they never did get around to doing any Creedence covers back then.

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• Amanda Noa - Track 01

• Amanda Noa - Track 03

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  1. hey, i've been hanging out a lot on flickr lately. you have a lot of admirers there, or more like people who want to be you and shoot like you.