(from SXSW: Dragons of Zynth; Matt & Kim; The Pack; Dan Deacon; Spank Rock; Pearl & Todd P; Matt & Kim; Les Savy Fav; Andrew WK; Against Me!; Flosstradamus; Fucked Up)

SXSW? I got yer SXSW right here (big-ass photo gallery).

And now the list:
- Best show = Todd P + Paper Thin Walls late night secret show at the empty Amtrack station
- Best Texas moment = Stumbling on a country band covering the Ramones (with the bonus quote "I hope somebody's recording us right now, cause we sound great!")
- Best new discovery = a tie between Shout Out Out Out and Dragons Of Zynth
- Most elbows hitting my face during a show = The Pack
- Biggest disappointment = all the crappy free stuff they give out (excluding the free ice cream and Vitamin Water)
- Nicest employees = Emo's
- Rudest guests = Vice after party
- Best quote = "I will suck your dick if we can have this party" (heard pleading with the Fire Marshall at the shut down iheartcomix party, one of many that night)
- Most awkward moment = anytime I had to talk to someone I didn't know
- Most repeated statement = SXSW is over, done, kaput. They've started cracking down/shitting on the non-SXSW parties which help make this festival what it is. Next year we're not coming back. We'll just have our parties somewhere else.

As for me, several blisters later, a cut to my forehead (mosh pit?), being covered several times in beer/soda/thrown food, and a bad case of the flu on the ride back home (sorry about that, Matt & Kim) I've made it back in one piece. And all this fun was had without the $450 official wristband.



Oh yes they did, and it is so good.

• Flosstradamus - Yea Yeah (Matt & Kim remix)

A band's place in myspace.


  1. Holy shit... I'm so happy some of those photos exist. They validate many moments of my existence last week that had dissolved into a smokey haze.

    I don't know if you're still looking for bands for the 31st, but if so, I sent you an email with a suggestion. When you get a chance, give it a thought.

    - The Rats Of NiMH

  2. and i am so happy to have that matt and kim remix. that shit KILLED it everytime Flosstradaumus played it at sxsw.

  3. OWWW.....rage and a half. you guys got it right the todd p secret show was the best of the week if not one of the best ive ever been to. painting, drinking, destruction, and the rage oh the rage hahaha.......the pack and flosstradums oh my.....next year more people more beer more good times. oh and i would like to extend my condolences to todd p. for the loss of his car, your vehicle did not suffer in vain.....hahahaha

  4. i can't believe with photos like yours out there magazines still publish the boring shit they do. for shame on them.