(Matt & Kim play to a roomful of sweaty rabid fans while the floor bounces up and down)

Last night was interesting. Started off at a punk house called the Treehouse in Little Rock, AR. It was situated directly next to a skeezy looking motel with the only advertisement on the sign being for "Special Rooms." The kids there were really nice. However halfway through the 3rd band of the night, the cops rolled in. They shut it down, but didn't arrest any of the dozens of drunk under-agers. And even before the police had extracted themselves, people were moving on to another punk house in the neighborhood. Now the first house, the Treehouse, have been just that, a house. Nothing particular about it. The next house, however, was something. From the outside it looked exactly like where a witch would live, decrepit, steep pointed rooftops, barren yard, a sign on the fence with a large bone attached to it warning away trespassers, and a tire swing. Inside it only got better. Covered in weird old signs and art, fake black spider webs, hubcaps, and painted words all over the walls, it housed a pile of speakers and assorted sound equipment along with pieces of a drum kit mixed in with breaking furniture. Oh, and it smelled like dog shit. The purveyors of this establishment, called the Park St. house, were originally from NYC and looked like a cross between a Sid & Nancy and something goth. After some mild difficulties getting set up, Matt & Kim got rolling sometime after 1 am (not bad for having to relocate in the middle of a show). The room was kind of small, the crowd was pretty rowdy, and very very drunk. Surprisingly even with the sweaty crush of moshing bodies, Matt & Kim were rarely disrupted. Although someone did think the best way to get behind the band was to climb over Kim, in the middle of a song, while she was drumming. The floor bounced up and down with the beat, and there was even a stray crowd-surfer. After they finished, the Mathematicians went on and were a pretty powerful force. Loud and rowdy with screaming keyboards and a light show, they sounded a bit like the Talking Heads if they had been angry. We went back to the Treehouse and crashed in the attic (photo here). Kim ended up sleeping in the van with the club due to the seeming sketchiness of the surrounding area, and was the first to warn us in the morning that the cops had actually returned to the house and were harassing the residents again. I had just finished taking a shower in a muddy bathtub (I needed a shower pretty badly, and it's not like I've never walked around outside barefoot before), so Matt and I laid low till the cops had left, again. And now we are en route to Austin. The fun continues.

And I am continuing to update the tour diary here.

P.S. Matt is really good at freestyling on a shopping cart.



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  1. Hey Tod!

    Thanks for the writeup... that picture pretty much establishes how we felt that night. :)

    A few data points:
    - Park St, not Pine St, was the second house.
    - Ian's band in NYC was the Loiterers.
    - Describing Ian and Sofia as 'a cross between a Sid & Nancy and something goth' made me laugh out loud for approx. 5 minutes.

    Have fun in Austin!! I added you on flickr!