(Death Set rages, Matt & Kim play while Joel walks on people, Dynamite Arrows are rock stars)

I had last mentioned some pretty great live shows coming up in NYC, and they were. Matt & Kim killed it at a sold out Bowery Ballroom (with the lowest ticket price in their history), and Death Set destroyed (kinda literally) along with Team Robespierre at Uncle Paulie's. I heard word of the O'Death and Goddamn Rattlesnake hootenanny being a really great show as well (so much so that Rattlesnake played twice). One highlight of the Matt & Kim show was Colin stage-diving into the crowd from on top of a speaker that was probably a good 10+ feet higher than the floor. It didn't seem like people really caught him as much as got flattened by him. And they bouncers did not think it was funny at all. I was only able to make it to two of the shows, photos below:

- Matt & Kim + Professor Murder + Dynamite Arrows at Bowery
- Death Set at Uncle Paulie's

Now I am currently on the road with Matt & Kim headed down to SXSW in Austin. I'll be keeping a sort of photo tour diary for them, you can see the beginning of it here. They are booked to play a ton of shows down there, hopefully they'll make it through the whole festival. The first stop on the trip was DC, which has some really friendly kids and my favorite part, a guest appearance by Mr. Nick Barbie (they call him "Malibu"). After spending the day looking for an auto shop that was open on a Sunday, it's now a two day drive to Little Rock, AR for a big ol' house show. Should be fun.

P.S. Anyone have any hookups for SXSW passes or a place to stay in Austin (just for one person, not three)?



It's a cover, and no it's not of the Stones.

• Who Made Who - Satisfaction

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