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I spent part of my evening down at the Bowery Mission tonight. I was watching as a man giving a sermon began asking people to come up to the front and welcome Jesus into their lives. Very slowly a trickle of people started coming up. I noticed one man at the front as he stood close by with his back to me. He was wearing very familiar standard work clothes, black work boots, blue dickies, matching blue work jacket, and a black knit hat. His posture was slightly stooped and there was some scruffy white hair sticking out of the back of the hat spilling over his collar. He eventually turned around to face the room as more people came up. And then I saw his eyes. They were the deepest blackest thing I have ever seen. No color or pigment, just utter black surrounded by grayish white. I don't know what to compare them too. They didn't emote anything in particular, nothing evil or profound or cold. . . just black. I stared at those eyes for what seemed like minutes, and eventually noticed something else. There were the tiniest little streams of tears hiding in the crevice between his nose and cheek. They disappeared when they reached his bristly white moustache. His face didn't look sad, a bit tired perhaps, but nothing to indicate the tears. And there he stood at the front of this small warmly-lit chapel in a shelter on the Bowery, staring intently off into space surrounded by thundering praises to the Lord Jesus echoing out of loudspeakers while the tiniest tears trickled out of the blackest eyes.



Do you ever get a kick out of how inappropriate my musical selections can sometimes be in connection to what I write about in the same post? I do, but that's also why I have that little dashed line separating the two. It's like turning the page, like a fresh start. Anyway, I posted a photo of Juiceboxxx in my last post, but a lot of people may not know about his skinny rap-your-pants off music. So here are some samples. I wish I had a track from his brand new album, but there is a pretty good taste of it on the "sneak preview" clip. The guy puts on a damn fun live show, and isn't afraid to crowd surf on the six people watching him at a basement show.

• Juiceboxxx - Thunder Jam 3

• Juiceboxxx - Sweat (sneak preview)

A band's place in myspace.

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