(We March playing a house show in Brooklyn this past weekend)

Sometimes you can be cruising along in life, workin' hard, enjoying things, not stressing too hard. And then suddenly get a brisk reminder that you live in a big scary world/city and bad shit can happen out of the blue if it so chooses. Like this weekend I was riding home in the rain, kind of taking my time, and in the span of a couple blocks I got hit by a drunk driver and then shot in the face with a pellet gun. I am fine on both accounts, but a bit rattled regardless. I'm still trying to figure out if I am supposed to get some sort of understanding from this. The only thing I can think of is "Don't get too comfortable."



My roommate got into a fight at a bar this past weekend. He used a table as a weapon, which is pretty cool. The best part though is that although the other guy instigated it by being a dick, Rattlesnake threw the first beer. However when the bouncers got there, the other guy was STILL being such a dick that he got tossed. And they left the Rattlesnake drink in peace. So that made me think of this song. Oh and if you're like me and you like good music and The Rattlesnake, you should read this.

• Lucero - Bikeriders

A band's place in myspace.


  1. Damn man, are you sure you're alright?

    How did you get attacked with a pellet gun?

  2. The usual, just some guys hanging out on the street taking pot-shots at people. I stopped for a second after I got hit trying to figure out what happened, noticed the 5 big dudes coming out of the shadows right toward me, and decided to move on. They shot at me as I was leaving, but it just bounced off of my helmet.

  3. if that's not a commercial for bike helmets i don't know what is ("when it's not fending off drunk drivers, my helmet protects me from errant gunfire!")

    glad to hear you are seriously damaged. did you file any kind of police report?

  4. I couldn't get the license number of the driver. He didn't have a plate on the front, and when he sped off after our exchange of words I wasn't able to get it then either. Since this van of 4 guys had peppered our exchange with "I said I was sorry. Is this worth getting into a fight over?" I decided that since I seemed fine it wasn't worth finding out exactly what he meant by trying to keep them there till the cops showed up.

  5. that's right, you ARE in brooklyn. not ohio.

  6. Yeah, but at least in Brooklyn it is illegal to carry a concealed handgun. Unlike Ohio where any yahoo can sit through a class and get a concealed weapon permit. (Don't go getting any ideas, Zipco)

  7. oh no. baby, i am shaking as i write this. so scary. i want to call you right now but i have to get a phonecard and it's the middle of the night in NY. i am so relieved that you're okay and so glad you were wearing your new helmet. drunk drivers should be imprisoned for a long-ass time. between you me and j that's a lot of close calls. the guy who beat me up yesterday pushed me onto a merch table, which actually saved me from becoming roadkill by about 3 feet. gonna go have some tea now and try to relax.

    p.s. the we march pics are perhaps your finest band pics to date.