(photos from the Matt & Kim show at Studio B)

So (as previously mentioned) Matt & Kim played at this cavernous Polish nightclub in Greenpoint. . . and it was crowded. The whole show was pretty damn amazing. And as a bonus there was the poor bouncer who stood on stage trying to grab stage divers during Matt & Kim's set, he ended up getting taunted by both the crowd and the band (but he took it really well, especially for a bouncer). More photos here.



I met Sxip Shirey many years ago, when he had first moved to NYC. He struck me as slightly weird, but in an intense and probably very intelligent way. We didn't do much talking, but I have continually run into him over the years. . . whether it be at a show by his band The Luminescent Orchestrii, watching him beatbox with a harmonica into a megaphone on the banks of the Gowanus Canal, telling tall tales in the darkness of abandoned industrial buildings, performing an elaborate piece down in the Atlantic train tunnels in Brooklyn about a woman who gets walled up alive to please her in-laws, or that time years ago when I almost got stuck at his house due to a massive sudden blizzard. Recently I went to see him speak about his travels at Bluestockings. As part of his presentation he played a clip from a forthcoming gangster movie in which he performs a trademark Sxip song. The filming and the music were equally intense, sensual, and dramatic. Not bad for a guy alone on stage with a harmonica. The film is called Love, I'm not sure what the title of the song was, but this was the closest I could find on his CD (available at CD Baby). A sort of collision of Appalachian, Balkan, Gypsy, and Circus music. You should have seen how big the smile on my face was when during his harmonica-fueled gypsy-dance performance into a megaphone he seamlessly transitioned into an accapela rendition of the chorus to "No Diggity" (this was a while ago) and then back again. I love that shit.

• Sxip Shirey - My Own Dirge

A band's place in myspace.

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