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Don't worry, no poetic pontificating about any homeless people this time. Just a heads up that if you're not headed to DC for the protests, don't you dare miss the Idiotarod this Saturday. Killer after party too. Let's hope it's freezing cold, snowing, everything is covered in ice, and there are packs of roving wild dogs to chase the racers.



I really got into the Mountain Goats back when Nine Black Poppies came out. That song "Cubs In Five" was on constant repeat in my head for years. And as things do, life kept going, John Darnielle kept putting out records, and everything kind of got confusing. I've always been pleased when I would run into some Mountain Goats, at a friend's house or wherever. But I had kind of gotten this idea in my head that a lot of his songs were really similar and you only needed one or two albums to be covered. Then I heard this song over the summer and sat there eating my words thoughts and being really pleasantly surprised. The music is great, much more dramatic than is customary for him. The lyrics are evocative and, well, here. . . "Kiss me with your mouth open, turn the tires toward the street, and stay sweet." I don't know, but that's hits a spot for me.

• The Mountain Goats - Dilaudid

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  1. completely agree, this song esp. paints such a strong visual landscape in my head, like many of the tunes of the sunset tree, John's a brilliant poet and songwriter