I'm currently in Texas freezing my ass off. The Parts & Labor shows have been really energetic and a lot of fun. Like tonight at Emo's in Austin, with Matt & Kim ending up on stage during the audience-demanded encore (BJ's really sorry about hitting you in the head with his bass when he jumped off the speaker, Matt). One of the best parts of touring is getting to explore cities and hanging out with cool locals (like total bro Ryan at the Homestead in Pensacola). New Orleans was fun, we even ended up at the 25th anniversary party for the landmark bar Vaughn's over in the Bywater section (which had great music). And we came within inches of ending up at an after hours club located in the shoe section an old department store in Houston, but alas they were currently "laying low."

Unfortunately there is more sad news to report from NYC. A drunk driver hit and killed a 22 year old cyclist while he was driving on the west side bike path in Manhattan. Yes, he was driving on the bike path like it was a street. Apparently Eugenio Cidron traveled on the bike path for over a mile before he fatally hit Eric Ng. Eric was struck so hard that the force of the impact threw his bike and one of his shoes out into the west side highway. The strange part of this story is that I had seen a car driving on the west side bike path earlier this summer. I chased after it on bicycle to take a photo, but they were traveling way too fast. At the time I just chalked it up to another uncanny asshole giving drivers in NYC more of a bad name. Too bad it didn't stay an isolated incident. Anyone want to start placing bets as to how light a tap on the wrist the driver gets? Read more about the incident here.



I'm gonna try to keep the Xmas tunes rolling, even if they are as cynical as this one.

• The Wailers - Xmas Spirit??

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  1. I used to live in Chelsea and would see cars driving along the bike path all the time. The driver in this most recent case claims he was "confused" and thought he was on the street, but I don't buy it. I'm sure he was doing what the other cars I've seen do -- that is, speed along the path to avoid traffic and traffic lights.