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The nice folks over at Group Show have put together a 30-artist photo show over at 3rd Ward. And with the help of myopenbar.com they are throwing a big closing party on Saturday with (you guessed it) LOTS of free booze, and toy giveaways from Kidrobot. If you haven't seen 3rd Ward yet, you'll be impressed. If you are unfamiliar with Group Show, you'll become a fan. And if you don't like free booze, well there's not much I can help you with there. And as an added bonus, I have a photo in the show too. Not that it can compete with free booze, but I'm just saying. . .


new in town: group-show.com pinned up and story

exhibition dates: december 11 - 16, 2006
artist reception and closing party: saturday, december 16, 2006, 7-11p

the gallery at 3rd ward
195 morgan avenue | brooklyn, ny 11237

view photos from the exhibit and book

humble media, in conjunction with myopenbar.com, is pleased to present new in town: group-show.com pinned up, an exhibition of photographs by new, emerging photographers. the show is a physical extension of group-show.com, a loosely themed online gallery that showcases the work of 24 different photographers each month. like the online gallery the show serves as a potpourri of contemporary global culture -- a portrait of the world as we know it.

participating photographers include asha schechter, gavin stevens, stephanie diamond, steven brahms, ye rin mok, geoffrey ellis, angie smith, alex brown, chuck avery, stephen brookbank, diane ducruet, marc mcandrews, grant ernhart, sophie lvoff, amy elkins, ashley macknica, maggie percell, marni horwitz, matt nighswander, tammy mercure, mike marcelle, olivia malone, regine petersen, mark rubenstein, sam morgan, sarah sudhoff, tod seelie, justin visnesky, adam williams and barry stone.

all work is priced under $300.

in conjunction with new in town, humble is delighted to announce the book launch and exhibition of story, a collection of images that address traditional and new interpretations of documentary and narrative photography.

participating photographers include mikael kennedy, rafael goldchain, mandy larson, joshua kristal, davi russo, todd deutsch, stephen miller, andrew hillard, jack bridges, alan duke, michael itkoff, alison grippo and kate philbrick.

story is 8.5 x 11, perfect bound, 184 pages, $25




I do believe this track is a new Xmas holiday addition this year. It's always nice when you can add something fresh to the canon of seasonal bangers.

• The Killers - Great Big Sled (removed in deference to supporting charity, go buy it on iTunes! ps. you'll have to search for the song title, it's kinda hidden.)

A band's place in myspace.


  1. you might want to take the track down, since it's for sale on itunes for charity.

  2. i second the first comment - poor form posting the killers track as it is for charitry.

  3. It's only poor form if you know it's for charity. Thanks for the benefit of the doubt, "anonymous." Guess this is what you get when you trust that what you find on other blogs is fair game. My mistake.

  4. heheh... Tod got a guilt trip for christmas.

    "poor form"... jesus...

    I concur! That was poppycock of the lowest order! bully! bully to you sir! jolly good job chastising your host!



  5. haha, I didn't think you meant to post a charity track. so I don't think you were in "poor form."

    "Anonymous" should probably get their panties out of that twist.

  6. blah blah blah