New Years is usually a tricky holiday, the pressure to have a blast can sometimes lead to weird results. In the past I've ended up spending mine stranded at a train station, lost in suburbia (and subsequently trespassing like mad to take photos when I realized most people were out at parties), and even once chatting with strangers at a town square in Cuba. Since it looks like I'm randomly going to end up spending this year's sitting naked in a hot tub in the rain hoping the neighbors don't notice, I'm not really sure if I'm landing on the "blast" or "chill" side of the holiday line. Either way, have a good one.



Spunky Brit #1 (Lady Sovereign) covering spunky Brits #2 (the Sex Pistols). F*ck shit up in your gold chains and Adidas.

• Lady Sovereign - Pretty Vacant

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