So I am headed home for the holidays, but before I disappear into state routes, big box store shadows, and the shell of a dying industrial giant, I want to draw attention to some organizations that have impressed me as of late. The first one is Know More, a website with extensively researched information/articles on various corporations. Have you heard how Starbucks and American Apparel are evil? Would you like to know why? Well read about it at Know More and decide for yourself. It's an amazing resource and avoids falling for the usual rhetoric. Another organization is the Rock Dove Collective. They are an anarchist organization addressing the health care crisis in the US, aiming to help provide access to free health care for those that need it. Not only does this speak volumes about how dire health care is in this country (when you have DIY anarchists mobilizing on something like this, the system has definitely failed), but it also personally gives me some hope (over 7 years uninsured and counting). The final tip of the hat is also a request for help. Josh MacPhee's online street art/political infoshop Just Seeds has had the floor pulled out from under it, pretty literally. Through mismanagement by another organization, and hardball tactics by collectors, Just Seeds has had it's online store/site pulled down. They were not the only site affected by this, Left Turn Magazine, $pread Magazine, and Critical Moment among others have also been affected. These various organizations are asking for donations (however small) to help them bring all these sites collectively back to life. If you can spare the $5 or $10 you'll drop on lunch tomorrow, a lot of DIYers will be very grateful. You can donate to Just Seeds here.



Here's a little Wesley Willis, in case that last bit left you feeling too serious. And for those of you who might be unfamiliar with Willis' work, he suffered from chronic schizophrenia, heard "demon voices," and had a stream-of-consciousness style of song writing. He also developed a large callus in the center of his forehead from always greeting people with a headbutt. You can't even make that stuff up.

• Wesley Willis - Merry Christmas

A band's place in myspace.

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  1. thanks for your support and helping to spread the word. cant wait to hang out when you get back home!