(captions in order: CSS and Spank Rock at the Flavorpill Halloween party; CSS at Pianos; Matt & Kim at the Zombie Prom; Big A Little A and Matt & Kim at 3rd Ward)

CMGay week nearly killed me. Between working all day out in NJ shooting, and then staying up all night going to see my same favorite bands over and over again. . . it was a bit too much. But I should be back to the land of the living soon (and Grub tonight should help). Enjoy some expanded galleries of the photos posted above:

Matt & Kim + Big A Little A at 3rd Ward thanks to Todd P
Matt & Kim - Zombie Prom thanks to I Heart Comix
CSS at Piano's thanks to Brooklyn Vegan
CSS + Spank Rock at the Flavorpill Halloween party

(And while I like a lot of the photos I took at these shows, none of them are quiet as good as the guy who caught flicks of the couple doing it doggy-style in a big white tent at 3rd Ward. A little reach-under action with a point-n-shoot has rarely paid off so well.)



So of all the shows I saw recently, Spank Rock turned out to be the only disappointment. And this is not because his music wasn't great, or that he's not really talented. It's because he was so drunk he couldn't finish his set at the Flavorpill Halloween party. Even after taking a break, vomiting all over the bathroom, and then returning to the stage (with a clean shirt on), he was still only able to last a few more minutes before walking off for good. Kind of a bummer since it was my first chance to see him live, and he seemed to be hitting his stride just before walking off the first time. Oh well, happens to the best of us I suppose. And even in the briefness of his set, I can tell you this man has some moves. Maybe next time. This track is off Spank Rock's mix tape, and if you listen close you'll catch a subtle Halloween reference (and yes, I know I'm about a week late on this).

• Spank Rock - Three

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  1. exhaustion has never been so fun:


  2. how can you talk about a semi-public sex pic AND NOT POST IT? it sounds too damn funny. funnier than that guy pissing on the girls doing coke at the halloween party.