(ever wonder what you'd see one second before being forced to kiss a bearded man's nipple covered with fake skin putty? well now you know)

Les Savy Fav played with Matt & Kim at NYU the other night, photos here. Don't miss Tim climbing a rope he threw up to the balcony at the end.

So I have recently found myself in conversations about bicycles in the city and bicycles VS pedestrians. It seems that when people learn I am a cyclist, they assume I feel that two-wheeled riders rights supercede everyone else's. They mention how much they hate bikers who ride on the sidewalk, looking at me and waiting for a defense of my biking-brethren. They seem surprised when I totally agree with them, and even go off on my own tirade.

I talk a lot about the problems of biking in the city on this site, but the reality is that cyclists can be assholes too. Just like any yahoo can get a driver's license, anyone can get on a bike.

Two points I agree strongly with that seem to be the biggest compliants against cyclists are:
- Cyclists should always yeild to pedestrians, even if they are playing lemming on 6th Ave by popping out from between parked trucks into the bike lane.
- Cyclists should never ride on the sidewalk. Not food delivery men, not little old ladies, not posh girlies on cruisers with tiny dogs in the basket, not anyone. If you're coming from the street, you're going to lock your bike to a sign or lamp post next to the curb anyway. And if you're not coming from the street you should be walking your bike in the first place.

These two things give bikers a bad name, so when issues like more bike lanes come up the average pedestrian is less likely to side with those "reckless riders." And these points are not much more than common sense and being considerate to strangers, which I know can be a lot to ask in NYC. I even see a commonality in the mentality of a biker scattering pedestrians on a sidewalk and a lone driver in a lumbering SUV roaring down Delancey. . . selfishness. Although the biker is a lot less likely to kill anyone in the process.

But maybe this is just a sign I'm turning into an uptight NYer, even though my 10 year mark hasn't quite passed, yet.



This is a f*ckin fun tune. I totally picture a Ramones doppleganger strutting around the 1980s Lower East Side to this song.

• Liam Lynch - United States Of Whatever

This band ain't in myspace.


  1. Well put. Though pedestrians can do some boneheaded things, it's always important to me to not endanger or scare them.

    Tom Bernardin (from the New Yorker article) is an uptight NYer. You're being a sensible NYer. No worries.

  2. As a very wise person once said to me, we're pedestrians on wheels, not mororists without engines and we should act accordingly. Pedestrians should be our side, against the cars...

    (nb. this argument also works when uptight car owners bitch about cyclists not paying road tax. Fuck 'em)

  3. hm.. maybe you are getting uptight. maybe you should not have been 'forced' to suck that man's nipple, but suckle with gusto.

  4. same stuff applies in London... agreed!

    although the biggest moan we get is about cyclists jumping red lights. about which i couldn't give a fuck, provided they don't hurt anyone.