(photos by Todd Fisher)

So I like photography, and I happen to be a fan of this guy's work, Todd Fisher. And he happens to be having a solo show, The Meaning Of Life (pt.1), opening on Saturday in Brooklyn at Live With Animals (invite here). Go check it out and see all the Brooklyn you've been missing.



I was introduced to Ill Ease while touring with Parts & Labor. Ill Ease is a one woman band, who performs and plays all of the instruments live. She uses pedals to capture and loop either live drumming or guitar, and then switches to the other instrument and sings. A pretty impressive feat to pull off repeatedly in front of random strangers night after night. Her songs are whimsical, humorous, and dirty. She just released a new album, "All Systems A-Go-Go" on Cochon Records. Check it out.

• Ill Ease - New York, London, Paris

A band's place in myspace.

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