So a good friend of mine has started a little thing at Bluestockings Bookstore where people come talk about their travels. This Wednesday I'll be telling my Brazil story and showing slides along with two other travelers. If you think it'd be funny to watch me sweat and stutter in front of a small room of strangers, then you should come.


Where Have You Been?

Stories about travel and far-away places. New Yorkers go all over the world but the city has a way of swallowing their homecomings. Orbit the earth and your friends just ask if you missed the pizza.

Tonight offers a chance for travelers to tell stories, to bring the world home, and to share it with the rest of us -- travelers as well as those of us who don't get out much.

Featuring interviews with three intrepids: Ida Benedetto tells us what happened when she introduced Guatemalan coffee farmers to a tea collective in Darjeeling, India; Tod Seelie remembers getting kidnapped in Brazil; and Steve Duncan takes us underneath Minneapolis on an urban exploration vacation.

Interviews by Jeff Stark. Gorgeous slideshows tightly edited and mercifully short.

Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen Street, Manhattan
7-8:30p; $5 suggested donation




CBGB's closed. It's sad, it's true. The thing to remember is not how money-hungry progress devours things that have real significance and history, but that the reason why CBGB's mattered was the people and the bands that put all they had out there. They made it something to miss, but it doesn't have to end with the demise of that lovely, dank, dark pit of punk rock. It can and will continue to happen elsewhere, with new faces and histories. And there is one way you can help: never ever hold back showing your love for a band or your excitement at other people's efforts to make this world more interesting and worthwhile. It's easy to deride something from a detached position, but you're only f*cking yourself. Ripping things just means you're missing out. Be the one with your arms up in the air, climbing the rafters during a set. . . you'll go home with a smile (and maybe a few bruises) rather than the naysayer's neverending sourpuss. And remember, everyone has their own CBGB's.

So the Bad Veins' name might sound just a BIT similar to a CBGB's legend, but that's not the only reason I'm posting them. They are one of the very few unsolicited mp3s that has made it onto the site. Somewhat reminiscient of a Gris Gris-meets-Notwist hybrid (slightly whimsical and whistful), it's a rare occurence when you can listen to a song barely a handful of times and have it feel familiar like old shoes. These Ohio boys give me something I'm happy to drift to as I traverse this city with my hood pulled up and my shoes falling apart.

• Bad Veins - The Lie

• Bad Veins - Fake Baby

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  1. Wasn't I just saying I wanted to see you stutter in front of a group? Yessssssssssss!