I'm going to take a moment to plug some friends of mine who've done some rad shit lately.

Alex Tampon has come up with a line of t-shirts (it's all about the
"3-D Death"), at Death Attack Limited and Death Attack.

Dogseat invested a lot of time and hard work putting out a photo book of all the hand-made signs that sprouted out of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It's called Signs Of Life: Surviving Katrina and all the profits from the books go to Common Ground Relief (by far one of the best and most effective relief organizations around) and Hands On Network.

Mr. Force has just started animating some odd stand-up routines, I like this one.

And another friend of mine who's currently in exile at Fabrica in Italy has started a little online rag, Chief Mag (you'll see some familiar names there).



Continuing in the vein of promoting friends of exceptional exception. Here are some tracks off the new demo from Brooklyn-based Leaders. Nod-plodding (in a good way) with metal-born guitars, witnessing the arc of progress they've made from their first shows has been very satisfying.

• Leaders - Driving

• Leaders - Lightheart

A place in myspace.

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