In a reception that leaves some of my friends wondering about the veracity of multi-generational curses, I returned home and promptly lost all photos stored on my computer. Yes, all of them, almost 200 gigs worth. Including all the photos taken on my trip down the Mississippi River. After staying up all night trying to restore them, I passed out on a couch and awoke to cat-piss saturated clothes the next morning. Welcome back, sucker.



So as one can imagine, the culture shock of NYC -> Middle America -> Reno -> NYC can leave one's head a little spun. There are many instances of just stopping, staring, and wondering "What the f-?" An excellent example is this song by country super-star, Toby Keith. The first time I heard it, I just thought "That's weird, a song making fun of the Taliban." But the second time I listened to it something stood out. It was the blood-thirsty cheers of the audience whenever harm was threatened agianst the "camel-herding man." Kinda made my skin crawl. But then again in the process of catching up on all the Israel VS Lebannon news I missed, all I am left with is wondering if the world really is run by four-year olds with guns. . .

• Toby Keith - The Taliban Song

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  1. dude, I heard about that shit from Aron, fucking insane. my heavy condolences, but also, staying positive, welcome back - lookin forward to catchin you out rebuilding that portfolio

  2. I think that song has more going on. The "camel herders" are supposed to be a middle eastern equiv of middle america. They are the good guys in this song. In this song they hate the taliban too.
    The crowd is certainly bloodthirsty, and Toby Kieth is a threat to humanity, but that song is special.
    Thanks to the magic of podcasts and my habit of "most recently added" playing, it came up for the first time during my morning commute on a N train from Queens. This song is hilariously stupid, naive, and embarassing, but it's also special in a retardedly american way.
    Were you using iPhoto?

  3. fuck.
    i'm really
    f-ing sorry tod.

    when i was in college, the head of the photo department said that he burned his negatives every ten years.

  4. awww shit!
    sorry to hear about your 200gb loss.
    i'm sending good retrieval vibes your way buddy.

    andrea chi-town

  5. Yes, that is a good point, the camel-herding man is not the villian, but the victim of the Taliban as well.

    And no, I hate iphoto. I deleted that piece-of-crap program the minute I could.

  6. Hey buddy
    I was singing that song on the raft a bunch! The song definately is trying to relate to the religous "camel-herder", and maybe draw parallels to the christian cowboys. But if the "camel-herder" is leaving an oppressive fundamentalist regime, what the fuck is Toby Keith and the bloodthirsty mob doing to deal with Christian Fundamentalists?
    I guess it'll be-
    Fire up that gas powered F-250
    and ride redneck, ride.

    maybe we'll do much better
    In Canada, or some Mexican-land
    Too bad there gunna build a fence
    thats 700 hundred miles long
    to keep our gringo-ass out

    the bush-regime, baby...

    Another favorite T.K. song I sang was-

    "I ain't as good as I once was,

    that's just the cold hard truth

    I still throw a few back
    talk a little smack
    when im feelin bulletproof

    So dont double-dog dare me now
    cos I'd have to call your bluff

    I ain't as good as I once was
    not as good, once
    as I ever was!"

  7. dude, so sorry to hear about your drive. You might be able to get some of it back, get some proffessional help. When we had a drive crash at work, we sent it to some specialty shop. It costs about a grand, but they recovered all the project data. I would think it would be worth it in your case.