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I admit that I bitch about biking in NYC a fair bit on here, but I think I should also point out that I am lucky enough to live in one of the most bikeable (although not necessarily bike-friendly) cities in the country. Having the ability to ride pretty much throughout the year, and being able to get to any destination in less than an hour is amazing. Add in a flat landscape where the only real hills are the bridges, and you're almost spoiling us. Now just cut out the drivers trying to kill us and we'd be all set.



Swirling, strings, sultry, slightly sly, soft, sweeping, sinister, and yes St. Vincent starts with an "s" too (sort of).

• St. Vincent - Paris Is Burning

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  1. The same could be said for biking in my home town - Los Angeles. It's mostly flat and the weather is even better year round.

    I imagine the drivers in NYC are more aggressive. The drivers here are too busy taking phone calls while swapping out the DVD for the obese kids screaming in the back seat of their oversize SUVs.

    The good thing for us on both coasts is that drivers are actually zombies and when the gas runs out we'll easily out run them on our speedy bikes.